Gingham Style

Happy Independence Day! I thought I would celebrate today with red, white and blue. The most important item I am wearing is my shirt made with Simplicity’s 8335 pattern. I’ve seen so many wonderfully made garments using gingham fabric. I felt I was missing out on the movement as I didn’t own anything with the gingham print. Now I do, and it’s made by me.

Let’s talk about the pattern. S8335 is a learn-to-sew pattern so it’s great for beginners. Initially, I didn’t notice it was a pattern for people learning to sew because I was drawn to the style of the shirt. I figured since I haven’t sewn anything in more than a year, it was probably a good starter project to get me familiar with everything again. It was a breeze to sew up and the directions were clear. The fit of the pattern is based on your bust size so I made sure to pick my correct measurement. I also noticed the arm holes could be a bit snug so I had to decrease the seam allowance to give me a little extra room.

I had fun making this shirt and it got me excited about sewing again. I already have my next projects lined up. Can’t wait to share them with you.

Thank you for visiting and reading.

Until next time,


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