Gingham Style

Happy Independence Day! I thought I would celebrate today with red, white and blue. The most important item I am wearing is my shirt made with Simplicity’s 8335 pattern. I’ve seen so many wonderfully made garments using gingham fabric. I felt I was missing out on the movement as I didn’t own anything with the gingham print. Now I do, and it’s made by me.

Let’s talk about the pattern. S8335 is a learn-to-sew pattern so it’s great for beginners. Initially, I didn’t notice it was a pattern for people learning to sew because I was drawn to the style of the shirt. I figured since I haven’t sewn anything in more than a year, it was probably a good starter project to get me familiar with everything again. It was a breeze to sew up and the directions were clear. The fit of the pattern is based on your bust size so I made sure to pick my correct measurement. I also noticed the arm holes could be a bit snug so I had to decrease the seam allowance to give me a little extra room.

I had fun making this shirt and it got me excited about sewing again. I already have my next projects lined up. Can’t wait to share them with you.

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Summer Cocoon Dress

Happy Friday Everyone!

Fridays always put me in such a good mood. I could seriously have the worst day and once I remember it’s Friday a smile appears. So why not celebrate a lovely Friday with a dress that screams summer. I swore when I wore this dress, I instantly felt I should’ve been on a yacht (but of course I wasn’t).

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Off the shoulder dress

Hey Lovelies! Happy Monday!

I haven’t posted in a while (you know, life) but I am back and with something different than I would normally wear. Cynthia Rowley, S0912. A little cute off the shoulder number. I had a love and hate relationship with this dress. In my mind it looked good but the way my curves are set up it could have easily been a chambray potato sack.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all. I hope it’s a healthy and blessed 2016 for you all. I know many people believe with a new year there is a new beginning. I personally believe every day is a new beginning. I try to learn each day and make the next better. With that said, I have been battling with the idea of making pants for quite some time. I’ve shared this with you guys. So my first post of 2016 is trousers.

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Poncho + LBD

So I’m told every girl should have a little black dress (LBD) in her closet. I have a few but this is my first “Sew DeShanda” LBD. I used McCall’s M7240 and a ponte knit fabric to execute the dress. I chose the wrong side of the fabric because of the beautiful sheen it had. So, I wasn’t aware that my hair covered the best part of the dress, sigh! I wanted to edge up the dress a bit so on the front left yoke, I covered the ponte knit with a mesh fabric. It gave a nice little contrasting detail which I unfortunately didn’t capture in the picture. Blame the weather! It was super cold when I shot the photos. I just wanted to take the pictures and head back to my sofa and snuggle with my favorite blanket. I’ve shared with you guys that I love making clothes but picture taking – ummmm, not so much.

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2 For 1

Today is a very special blog post for me. This is my first time making two pieces for one look (2 for 1, get it?). Go me! I normally make one item and style with things from my closet. I wanted to push myself a little more and complete an entire look inspired by Fall. For many of us, fall is the best season. It’s the time when you can wear your cute boots, sweaters and beautiful jackets. You also get humidity free hair. LOL.

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Jump Started

Happy Monday! So I am extremely excited about this post. I finally made a jumpsuit (smiling as I dance in my seat). I have been so scared to try jumpsuits because of the fit. My bottom is bigger than my top so I knew I couldn’t cut the same sizes for both or if I did, I would have to scale the bodice down and somehow still make it fit the pants. I did just that! I used Simplicity 1142. Aside from fitting adjustments the only alteration I made to this pattern was to add elastic to the pant hem. I wanted the feel of joggers. I knew I was taking this on vacation to Paris so ease and comfort were important. I chose a nice polyester geometric fabric with zero stretch ability (of course this also made me nervous). For anyone looking to sew this lovely jumpsuit, I’d recommend to have stitch witchery on hand. I used it to make the facings lay completely flat inside the jumpsuit.

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Tied at the Hip

Bonjour lovelies! I recently vacationed in Paris and felt it would be cool to take along a few Sew DeShanda pieces. I knew I would be doing a lot of exploring so I made a few pieces that were comfortable, basic but not lacking in style of course. Skirts are my thing and I have been seeing tie-waist skirts everywhere and think they are adorable; so I made myself one. I used Simplicity 6348 view C. This pattern sewed up easily. Sometimes I like to put on my music and make things without having to use much brain power (as a novice this is not always often). This pattern took me about an hour from start to finish which was awesome. I think anyone wanting to learn to sew could use this as a starter project. The only adjustment made to my skirt was I pegged the hem of the skirt as I was looking for a pencil skirt fit and not an A-line fit.

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